Hay Dayz needs community support

This year, the city will come together to commemorate Christmas on the River for the 40th time. Think about that. It was 40 years ago ... Read more

Linden situation requires communication

Sometimes things happen that create barriers between people or entities. They often happen without intent and almost always leave hurt feelings. The situation revolving around ... Read more

Heed Habitat for Humanity cries for help

A little more than a year after breaking ground on its second home, the Marengo County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is at risk of ... Read more

Canebrake anniversary is impressive

The Canebrake Player’s upcoming 30th Anniversary is little short of remarkable considering the amount of flux generally associated with volunteer efforts such as this. That ... Read more

Give up the time and take the class

The class next Wednesday that’s being offered by the Demopolis Police Department should be taken seriously by all parents. You can’t keep tabs on your ... Read more