Senate Bill 101 not good for rural areas

Senate Bill 101 does not need to pass. That much is apparent. In rural areas such as ours, it is hard enough to fund services ... Read more

Safety should not mean carelessness

Residents of Demopolis, Linden and other locales in Marengo County are pretty fortunate. They escape much of the violent and personal crime that plagues other ... Read more

Leaders spread word with reading program

Wednesday morning local business and civic leaders took part in Read Across America in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Read Across America is an initiative ... Read more

History comes alive if you let it

Marengo County is awash in history. Not the “old and boring” kind. The really cool stuff. The backbone in that history is the Marengo County ... Read more

Apathy: The antidote of progress

Politics and political involvement are usually tough waters to navigate. While everyone claims to care, few people actually go the extra mile to show it. ... Read more