A legacy you can see for miles

Good or bad, one of the last things we leave behind as we depart this Earth is a legacy. I’ve never seen Babe Ruth play ... Read more

The world needs more Shirleys

For all the times that you encounter poor customer service in the restaurant or retail industry — and it seems to be a daily occurrence ... Read more

Don’t be afraid to try

This week many high school seniors begin their journey into “the real world.” The real world. I hate that term. It cheapens the 13 years ... Read more

School calendar in the wrong hands

Each year there’s at least one piece of legislation that comes through Montgomery that leaves you scratching your head. The School Calendar Bill is this ... Read more

Well earned thank yous

Several years ago, I was filling up my truck at a local gas station when the man in the car next to me started yelling. ... Read more