Canebrake thanks DPD, fire department

On behalf of the Canebrake Players I would like to publicly thank the Demopolis Police Department and the Demopolis Fire Department. Read more

Raising childhood cancer awareness

When I visited 10-year-old Anna-Coleman Yelverton this past week, I was in for a treat. She was so full of energy and excitement that I ... Read more

Gridlock helps nobody

Following Thursday evening’s city council walkout, it is obvious that something needs to be done about the gridlock that has plagued the council over the ... Read more

Old ideals and worn out jeans

I came to Demopolis in Feb. 2008 with every intention of putting in two years and moving onto something more glamorous in some place bigger ... Read more

Sharing the accolades with you

Landing in the newspaper business is not usually something you strive for when you’re young. The astronauts, cowboys, firefighters and police still have the cool ... Read more