Beautification is everyone’s responsibility

Who likes yard work? I do, kind of. But I’m weird like that. I don’t love it, but there’s a certain amount of pride that ... Read more

HB360 is no day at the beach

It has been a long time since I’ve heard of anything out of the state’s legislative sessions that comes across as entirely ridiculous as this ... Read more

70 years is a long time

Not many businesses survive 70 years. Even fewer make it to the third generation. The facts are pretty simple. Doing business in a small town ... Read more

Slow traveling news always gets there

The power of a newspaper is far reaching and it’s practically timeless. The things the written word can accomplish are impressive. The written word has ... Read more

Helping out our pound puppies

My first dog was a short, stubby, orangish thing named Journey. While I do enjoy the epic anthems of Steve Perry and company, I didn’t ... Read more