The fun between Xs and Os

I have covered Demopolis High School baseball for five seasons now. My first varsity game was with a senior class that had guys like John ... Read more

Runoff ballots for everyone

Among the many problems with politics are the manner in which they are administered. Case in point: It is against the rules to vote in ... Read more

The long road to healing

If you want to destroy a community, mess with its school system. The last 10 days have been as tumultuous as any I have ever ... Read more

The silence is deafening and expensive

It is a tough economy, one that has apparently deteriorated to the point that $122,500 does not buy one word. At least, that was the ... Read more

Thursday meeting a disrespectful display

The Demopolis Board of Education let down the very people they were put in place to protect Thursday. With more than 150 students, parents, teachers ... Read more