Bully education starts at home

Tuesday morning I went to Demopolis High School to cover a presentation on bullying. At 31 years old, bulling is hardly a daily concern for ... Read more

Time to tend the people’s business

By Mitchell Congress Demopolis City Councilman Tomorrow, Nov. 3, the Demopolis City Council will meet for the third time to discuss, and hopefully pass, a ... Read more

Awareness key to cancer fight

I have long heard that one out of every two people has had cancer touch their lives in some form; either they’ve had it, someone ... Read more

Bully education starts at home

Later this month Demopolis students will learn more about the effects of bullying. It’s a sad state of affairs that someone has to visit our ... Read more

Beautification work pays dividends

Those of us who live here probably don’t notice anymore. We drive past it and rarely think anything about it. It’s an afterthought. We expect ... Read more