Tis better to give than receive

With the help of BankTrust, we plan on starting a new holiday tradition in our household. Inspired in part by the annual Angel Tree efforts ... Read more

Headed in the right direction

The City of Demopolis presently sits nearly two months into the current fiscal year without one valuable administrative tool: a budget. Wrangling over deficits, cuts, ... Read more

Telling the good stories

One of the unique things about the newspaper business is that no two days are ever the same. Sure, there’s a break in the action. ... Read more

Following the lead of children

Last weekend, a group of high school students accomplished in a few hours something a number of well-educated adults have failed to achieve over the ... Read more

Take a second and maybe save a life

Sunday marks the end of Daylight Saving. Yes. The day that donates you an extra hour of your weekend. No it’s not fair but yes ... Read more