Catfish plant reopens

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 24, 2003

It may have shutdown two weeks ago, but come Wednesday morning, it will re-open.

The Southern Pride Catfish Plant in Demopolis, which closed its doors Tuesday, Sept. 9, will re-open Wednesday morning, allowing 267 employees to come back to work, said Southern Pride Catfish Vice President Randy Rhodes.

Rhodes said that the plant closed down because of maintenance needs, inventory checks as well as "just the general need for upgrading."

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Rhodes also said that there was an oversupply of inventory and the volumes needed to be reduced.

Rhodes said that Wednesday morning employees should just show up at the plant, and that duties would resume as normal.

Rhodes said that opening up the plant again was the "right thing to do," and that he was happy to see the plant re-open.

Rhodes said that the plant is important to the Alabama catfish farmer, and that it provides an important service to the state.