Livingston park gets $250,000

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Bird Dial, a resident of Livingston, loves to take his grandchildren to JC Park and thanks to increased funding, the trips may get even better.

The Livingston City Council announced that the city of Livingston was awarded a BCCG grant of $250,000; this grant is a matching grant where the city will pay $250,000 also. The purpose of this grant is to renovate JC Park and make it even nicer than it already is.

The total cost of this project will be $500,000.

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JC Park is used for everything from birthdays to Easter egg hunts.

This will certainly make JC Park a wonderful place to take the grandchildren one weekend just ask Mr. Bird Dial.

"I’m just tickled to death, this is a project that everyone, white and black, young and old can enjoy."

After this project is completed, JC Park should be a wonderful place to go on a weekend. Not only for the residents of Livingston, but the surrounding counties as well, according to Dial.