The system has finally failed

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 2, 2004

I have never been a fan of the BCS and have never believed that the system would work. And on Thursday afternoon I watched with mixed feelings of both pain and joy as the system came crashing down as USC beat Michigan 28-14 in the Rose Bowl.

To be perfectly honest, once it was all over with, I laughed at the television much like Tom Hanks laughed at his termite invested house in the movie "The Money Pit."

It was suppose to be a system that would never have two teams share a national championship. It was supposed to be the system that answered all the questions about who deserved to be the national champions. But here we are, one day away from the national championship game, and we already have a national champion.

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Come Sunday the world will watch Oklahoma and LSU play for the "national championship," but no matter who wins there still will not be a solidified college football national champion.

The whole thing gives me a headache and almost makes me not want to watch the big game now, almost. But I’m a football fan and I know that if it’s on the tube then I’m watching it. The sad thing is that the BSC and those that control the financial side of college football know this, and that’s why we may never see a playoff system.

Having one day a week set aside for college football throughout the fall is great, but to have four straight days and nights of nothing but college football is a dream come true for football fans. In the past it was just too hard to try and catch every game that came on the television on New Years Day, but now I don’t miss a thing.

I now even have time to watch games like Thursday’s Orange Bowl that featured Florida State and Miami, which I knew would end with a FSU missed field goal, it always does.

You would think that know one would give two hoots about either one of these two teams and that most of the country would find something else to watch Thursday night. But unfortunately the BCS knows the average college football fan very well and that is why they matched these two teams up again. Because they knew, "If you show it, they will watch."

It’s all about the money in college football. And it has become painful to watch over the years as college football has become a business. I still think college football is the best thing since sliced bread, but it’s hard not to overlook the business side of it all, especially at this time of year.

But come Sunday night I know I will be glued to the tube watching to see if the LSU Tigers can win their first national championship since 1958, but the down side will be the title will have to be shared with another.