Entire York block sold

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 24, 2004

One building in downtown York $4,000

Eight buildings in downtown York $120,000

A chance to rebuild and inspire growth in the community: PRICELESS.

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“I want to let the bidder know that we are open for business here in the city of York. The City of York is a buzz with the hope that the buyer will do something positive with the eight buildings,” Mayor of York, Carolyn Gosa said. Thursday, The Black Belt Land&Realty INC. auctioned off a whole block of York’s historic downtown consisting of eight buildings that are currently owned by the Coleman Estate.

There were a lot of bids for single buildings, but one man, Roderick Pompey from Birmingham came in without anyone knowing him or anything about him and placed a $120,000 bid for all eight buildings. Since Thursday’s auction, no one has heard a word from the potential owner of a piece of downtown York.

“The auction was the most talked about event for our town in a while,” said local business owner Kaye Kiker.

The town is now in a state of shock and wonderment over the dreams of what Pompey will do with these buildings. Pompey isn’t the owner of the properties at this very moment because the Coleman Estate has the right to accept or refuse any bids made on the buildings.

The residents of York are split on the idea of is he in it for the money or in it for the city.

A local resident Ann Davies felt like Pompey is in it to make a profit.

“I placed a bid on one of the single buildings. I think he will try to sell them back to make a profit, ” Davies said.

While Charles Daniels thinks that he will renovate the buildings and became a part of the community.

“I hope he comes in and turns those buildings into stores or something this community can use,” Daniels said.

The city of York and Mayor Gosa will now have to play a game of wait and see.