Linden wants to know its limits

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Mayor Pat Vice wants to know what are the true city limits for the City of Linden. He asked Linden City Attorney Alex Braswell to make sure that surveyors who will be in the area on Wednesday make that determination.

“Mayor Vice wants to know what the true city limits are because there are maps from 1959 that show two different things,” Braswell said.

Vice talked about the City of Linden getting tough on the owners of more than 38 houses within the current city limits that are abandoned or else condemned. Vice said the owners had received notice and must take action or either face legal action.

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During the Linden City Council meeting Monday night Linden Police Officer Dexter Watters received a commendation for his hard work and effort in solving the recent burglaries. Police Chief Jeff Laduron awarded the plaque to Watters along with the rest of the city council.

The council also signed an ordinance stating that the salaries of the council member’s and the mayor would stay the same, but they would be paid per month instead of per meeting. The new polices will go into effect in October with the new administration.

Dennis Breckenridge, the councilman for Sanitation and Park and Recreations, told the council that they are working with the railroad in order to get the old railroad crossties that are being replaced.

“We are planning on getting over 6,000 feet of old crossties and we are going to use them to repair the trails in the park,” Breckenridge said.

Vice said the only expenses the council will face will be for the crushed rock and the labor involved in installing the crossties.

Breckenridge also talked about the Austin Pool and what the Parks and Recreation Board plans to do to it. Vice said they should fill it with cement and put a concrete slab on it and install a water park.

Vice talked about his meeting with Demopolis Mayor Austin Caldwell in which they talked about water and bringing in industries.