Election coverage

Published 12:00 am Monday, May 17, 2004

In just 17 days, the voters of Marengo, Sumter and Greene counties will go to the polls to elect the District Attorney for the 17th Judicial Circuit. Two candidates — both with experience in the office — square off in the June 1 Democratic primary.

Current DA Greg Griggers is being challenged by Barrown Lankster, who held the office from 1993-1999. Both are running on the Democratic ticket and because there is no Republican challenger, this race will be decided in just more than two weeks.

The district attorney is one of the most important elected positions in this area. A district attorney prosecutes all criminals — everyone from bad check writers to convicted murderers. Even more important, maybe, is the role the district attorney has as chief law enforcement officer for the three-county area.

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Today, The Times begins its in-depth coverage of the district attorney’s race with lengthy interviews of both Griggers and Lankster. Both candidates were asked the same questions, and both were given unlimited time to respond.