UWA is new home for ducks

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 1, 2004

For the past several months, one solitary duck has been the lone inhabitant of the pond near the old covered bridge on the University of West Alabama’s campus, but this little ducky is getting some new neighbors.

Ten new ducks, five Khaki Campbell and five Indian Sitting Ducks, were released onto the pond Friday morning. According to UWA president Dr. Richard Holland, the ducks were chosen because the breeds do not venture far from their home.

“Once we teach them that this is where they belong, they will stay near the pond,” Holland said.

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He explained that these ducks were brought in because of the student concern over the social life of the one original duck. He also said he has a lot of students asking him what the university planned to do to help the duck.

“I get at least one email a week from students who want to know why we don’t bring in more ducks so he won’t be alone,” Holland said with a laugh, “Hopefully this will solve that problem.”

The other problem for the new ducks to tackle is the overgrowth of duckweed due to the imbalanced eco-system of the pond, well that has now changed due to the new residents. Hopefully, these new ducks will make the pond a better more enjoyable place for both the students and the ducks themselves.