How will candidates help city?

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 7, 2004

Dear Editor:

I recently returned to the States from Afghanistan and I have seen lately who is running for Mayor of my hometown.

Now I don’t much about the people running for mayor now, except what I knew when I left home four years ago.

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I still have many friends and family who still live there.

My issues are with the questions of: Are these “candidates” qualified and how do they plan to run Demopolis?

Why most people fuss and complain about “How come Demopolis doesn’t have this and that,” I only ask that they do what is right for Demopolis.

For many years I lived there and too many times I had to leave town to go have fun somewhere else.

Can these “candidates” do something about that for the younger generation coming up?

Most importantly, can they make Demopolis a place that is remembered not only for stuff like Christmas on the River but just a place that you’d want to go like Tuscaloosa or Meridian?

John Marshiel Pearson

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