Competition may help city

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 17, 2004

DEMOPOLIS-With the Wal-Mart SuperCenter now a reality to the residents of Demopolis, who’ve been waiting years for this day to come finally get a chance to express their feelings. Now, that the global giant is officially coming to Demopolis.

Three local Demopolis residents and a resident of Cuba share their opinions on the coming of the SuperCenter and what this means to the future of the City of Demopolis. Connie Lawson, Kris Mullins, Rev. Tommy Carr, and Shelly Findley all have the same ideas about how much better this announce will make the current Wal-Mart and the surrounding area.

Lawson, who works at the Demopolis Public Library, is glad they have finally announced there coming. She is grateful for them choosing to make an investment in the future of the city.

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“Before this announce, I’ve been going to Brent, AL to a store called Food Outlet,” Lawson said, “Because Food World’s prices are so ridiculous.”

She said it’s about time Food World had some real competition in their prices. She also said this should make them think about lower their prices in order to compete with Wal-Mart.

“I’m all for them coming here,” Lawson said.

Mullins, who works with State Farm Insurance Company, shares the same feelings as Lawson about the needed competition for Food World and their prices, but he feels that Piggly Wiggly may suffer from it.

He said their coming is a sign of much needed growth for the community, as well as provided another grocery store for the residents of Demopolis. He also said the place that stands to feel the biggest affect of the incoming SuperCenter is the Piggly Wiggly.

“I’ve always shopped in Demopolis for groceries, but I’m glad that this is happening because the selection should now be much greater,” Mullins said.

Carr, who pastors the First Presbyterian Church of Demopolis also shares the feelings of excitement shown by the other residents, but doesn’t believe the hype surrounding this announcement.

“I will believe it’s coming, when I walk through the doors,” Carr said.

He said the city is in desperate need of another grocery store in order to compete with Food World. He also said this new SuperCenter will bring many new people from the surrounding counties to the city that usually don’t frequent this area.

“I’m glad it’s coming, but I feel bad for some of the smaller businesses that will be affected by this announcement,” Carr said.

Findley, who works with the University of West Alabama, but resides in Cuba thinks the SuperCenter will draw not only the residents from surrounding counties, but also the students who attend the university.

She comes to Demopolis to buy her groceries now and this announcement of a SuperCenter has her very excited. She also said while working with UWA, she has noticed a trend that the students drive to Demopolis to shop as well as look for jobs and housing.

“I may live in Cuba, but I shop in Demopolis,” Findley said.