Friday takes Vice to run-off

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 25, 2004

On Tuesday, the residents of Linden came close to choosing their next mayor, but none of the three candidates received over 50 percent of the vote. Thus causing a run-off, which will be held on Tuesday September 14 between the current Mayor of Linden Pat Vice, who received 346 votes of a total 768 votes (45 percent) and the former Mayor of Linden Kathryn Friday, who received 245 votes of a total 768 votes (32 percent).

Another former mayor B.R. Dunn also received 177 votes of the total 768 votes (23 percent) coming in third place in the election. Dunn said he was very happy with the campaign he ran and he wanted to wish the current mayor and Friday luck during their run-off.

“I really enjoyed the campaigning again and getting to meet all the people of Linden,” Dunn said, “If I did get it, it would be ok, and if I didn’t get it, it would be ok.”

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Vice after hearing about his results and the coming run-off against the former mayor Friday said, “This is like running a four minute mile and we have only one minute left to go.”

Both of our platforms are very positive and he’s looking forward to getting back out and talking to his supporters to make sure they go back out and vote again on Sept. 14. Vice is no stranger to a run-off, even though it has been 20 years since he last had to take part in one.

“No one likes a run-off, but I remember back during my first stint as Mayor of Linden, I was the second leading vote getter and then won in a run-off,” Vice said, “So, I’m officially 1-0 in run-offs.”

Friday didn’t attend the meeting at the Linden City Hall to hear the results, so she couldn’t be interviewed for this article on her feelings of being in a run-off with the current mayor.