Gosa glides to victory

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The residents of York voted on their future Tuesday and the future is Carolyn Gosa. Gosa will be serving another term as the Mayor of York thanks to her landslide victory over her only challenger Ernie Truelove.

She expressed her thoughts on why the voters wanted her back in office by saying she thought she had earned the respect and the trust of the people of York. They also know her as a person of her word and only having the best intentions for the city.

“We still have lots of work to do here in the City of York, but thanks to the residents we have another four years to begin and end the work,” Gosa said.

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She said it feels really good to win this election and she’s elated to be able to represent the City of York for four more years.

She’s excited to have the chance to finish the projects the city has been currently working on.

“I think what separated me from my opponent during this election was my determination and creditability with my last term of office,” Gosa said, “The incumbent has the ability to run on his record and that’s what I did, no gimmicks.”

Her slogan for the campaign was “We Won’t Turn Back” and the city will push forward and that is what she believes helped her win the race. The trust the people have shown in her and that’s something they didn’t want to tear apart was the trust they have in Gosa and her abilities to better the City of York.

Katie Gail Woodard defeated Sam Jones to reclaim her seat in District 3 on the York City Council. Woodard soundly beat Jones during the election with Woodard receiving 166 votes of the total 242 votes (67 percent) and Jones receiving 76 votes of the total 242 votes (31 percent).

There will be a run-off for the York City Council seat District 4 between the two challengers Jeanette Brassfield Payne and Joe Nathan Brown, who both upset the incumbent city councilman Larry Cobbs.

Payne received 91 votes of the total 257 votes (35 percent), Brown received 84 votes of the total 257 votes (33 percent) and finally Cobb received 82 votes of the total 257 votes (32 percent).