Parents should prepare for weather

Published 12:00 am Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Demopolis Tiger Baseball Camp is fast approaching and Coach James Moody has seen a great deal of interest. The interest has been so great that Moody is now encouraging people to register before the day of the camp.

The list of stars planning to attend the camp has grown so much that Moody feels the line on the morning of the camp could be a long one. The camp will take place on Jan. 29 from 8:30 until 12:30 and in order to keep things going in a timely fashion Moody said people should prepare ahead of time.

“Something I would encourage people to do is pre register,” Moody said. “I am beginning to get a lot of interest and I have had a bunch of people ask about it. Pre registering might save people from having to stand in line on the day pf the camp.”

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Moody said campers who do not pre register will still be welcome and can still get involved the morning of the camp.

Moody said campers should also take the proper measures in case the weather does not cooperate. Moody said the camp is prepared and the campers should be too.

“In the event of inclement weather we will have gyms we can go to,” Moody said. “That is all taken care of. In the event that it is raining people need to bring tennis shoes.”

Mny have gauged an interest in how the camp will be conducted. Moody said they will keep the campers rotating so everyone gets a little time with each star.

“What we are going to do is divide the kids up by age, and we will rotate them through a pitching group, a hitting group, an infield group and a outfield group,” Moody said. “We will also have a base running group and a bunting group. They will rotate through all the groups. Everyone will and get a little time with all the guys that are going to be here through the course of the day.”

There is no lack of star power at this year’s camp with Major Leaguers Scott Sullivan, Dave Delucci, Jay Powell, Jason Smith, Travis Fryman and Roy Oswalt participating.

Recently, the list grew to include another Major League player and a former Demopolis High star.

“We have also had a couple of additions to the group,” Moody said. “One big headliner is Gabe Gross. He played in Auburn and made his Major League debut last year with the Toronto Blue Jays. Ryan Nichols will also be there. He is a former player here and a catcher at South Alabama.”

Campers are encouraged to

arrive early to keep the camp on schedule.