Hardees robbed at gunpoint

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Closing time at Hardee’s in Union created an ugly scene Thursday that has Tuscaloosa and Greene County police still looking for answers.

Greene County Sheriff Johnny Isaac said as workers prepared to shut down the restaurant sometime between 10:50 and 11 p.m. a man entered with a gun.

“The man came in with a gun and robbed the store,” Isaac said. “It was just prior to closing sometime around 11 p.m.”

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Isaac said while only one man entered the store they felt more were involved.

“Only one suspect walked in, but apparently there was more than one person involved,” Isaac said. “They said he got into the back seat of a vehicle and they drove off.”

The suspect walked into the restaurant and made no mistakes about his intentions. Isaac said he went straight to the robbery once he was inside.

“He walked in with a gun and with a mask on and demanded money,” Isaac said. “They opened the cash register and he collected the money.”

The suspect grabbed the first employee he saw and escorted him to the register. Isaac said the man then found another employee who had the keys.

“The one that had the gun pointed to them first was actually mopping the floor,” Isaac said. “He grabbed that employee at gunpoint and escorted him to the register and the other worker opened it.”

Isaac said there was a third worker who was outside emptying the trash at the time of the robbery.

The amount taken from the register is still under investigation. Isaac said the restaurant likely lost a significant amount.

“We are still trying to determine how much money was taken out of the register,” Isaac said. “Right now it is an undetermined amount. It is thought to be $400 to $500, but we are still waiting to see.

Unfortunately, details of the robbery are sketchy. Because the Interstate was so close and details were so loose Greene County authorities and other police units were unable to track the suspects down.

“They left in a small blue car,” Isaac said. “That was the only information that we got that night. They got on the Interstate and headed to Tuscaloosa. We were not able to overtake then and Tuscaloosa could not intercept them.”

Isaac said right now there is no suspect in the case. Isaac said they would continue to investigate the case.