Magician wows ’em at library

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 1, 2005

He’s not your average magician, but Steve Burgess had children rolling in the aisles – well, the floor anyway – at the Demopolis Public Library Thursday.

Burgess and his pal Maynard were at the library as part of its Funtastic Reading Program, and while Burgess wowed children with his magic tricks and silly antics he made sure to plug reading when he could.

“One of my favorite books is a Dr. Seuss book,” he told the children as he prepared props for his next act. “If I Ran the Circus,” he told the children. “It’s a book about a little boy who thinks about all the things he would do if he ran the circus.”

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Burgess’ tricks often included circus things, like clowns and animals, and the children delighted in his “scarf” antics.

To kick things off, Burgess took the children back to a time that their parents probably know better, a time of family sitcoms.

“I’m going to sing some songs now, some that you may know, and I want you to sing along if you know it,” he told the children gathered.

What followed was a series of songs that had more parents singing than children, including the theme songs from “All in the Family,” “Green Acres,” “The Adams Family” and “The Brady Bunch.”

As he began to wrap up his show, he talked about more books he liked, and why reading is so important.

The library’s Funtastic Summer Reading Program will continue July 5 for children in grades four through six with a magic show as well. The program will take place at the library at 2 p.m. Call 289-1595 for more information.