Circus Carnival at the Library

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 15, 2005

The scene resembled a wild birthday party Thursday afternoon at the Demopolis Public Library.

The event was appropriately titled “Clowning Around.”

As the children walked into the upper area of the library, they were greeted by tables topped with loads of fun.

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A snack table with drinks, animal crackers and Cheez-It’s was in the back. Beside it was a table loaded with temporary tattoos. In front of that one, stood a table with pocket notebooks, mini puzzle games, bubble maker and a “Make a Spongebob bracelet” station.

In between the tables was the area for “Pin the pants on Spongebob.”

On the floor was a kiddy pool full of bubbles for the participants’ blowing pleasure.

There was a dress-up/ make-up station and a puppet show booth where children could put on their very own puppet show.

A big, blue box with an elephant face, trunk included, towered some of the children. The point was to throw peanuts into its trunk-a task easier said than done.

Across the carpet road was a balloon dart set-up.

Spongebob even made another special appearance to the library.

Music played and the children, parents and library faculty enjoyed themselves.

A round of “Elephant Feet,” the game where players tie balloons around their ankles and attempt to pop other player’s balloon while keeping their own safe, wrapped up the afternoon of fun, food and hyperactivity.