In his own words

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 14, 2005

On Demopolis

I&8217;m glad to be here in Demopolis, Ala. And I&8217;m happy that the mayor and the council gave me the opportunity to serve as the new fire chief. I think it took a lot of courage from them as well. And I&8217;m just so happy

to be here and

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to serve as the

new fire chief.

On Allegations of women in his department being treated unfairly

In my experience in the fire service, at two of the departments that I worked in, I&8217;ve hired females. I made sure that they were very well treated fairly inside of the department. And even in the department that I grew up in and became fire chief in, I recommended that they hire a female as the fire chief.

On the grand jury investigation

Let&8217;s talk about the grand jury, or it was a special grand jury, there was no judge. Just before that was given, that grand jury, it was supposed to be looking into the entire government, a process of looking into the entire government. A couple months before that, it was an efficiency study that was done with an outside source that came in and said that the fire department had made significant progress, it&8217;s well on its way.

On People&8217;s perception of Few

Anybody who distracted the town and didn&8217;t care about Ron Few coming into town,

you have to understand that I came in as one of the first department heads from the outside and that was different for them. And you have some people who don&8217;t like people who come from the outside. That&8217;s normal in a lot of cities. I think I overcame that. I don&8217;t think people, when they understood how important a good fire service became a part of their city, I think most of the distractions went away.

On The job

I heard about the job through a friend. He just called me and said Demopolis is looking for a fire chief as well. I was just sitting there thinking about how I wanted to get back into the fire service again. I missed it, you know, and I heard about Demopolis, Ala.

On his staff

This morning, if you saw the enthusiasm on their faces as I was speaking about having a community-based fire department, that I needed their help as well to make this effective. They have a good department and we could make it a better department.

They are starving for leadership as well. It&8217;s been sometime since someone was in that position. We talked about new beginnings and through that, I&8217;ve gotten some calls back from the firefighters saying that is exactly what we wanted to hear. You coming in new, you have some great ideas and what I&8217;ve talked about the fact that we are a fire department now but we will become a fire and EMS department. Those guys have gotten some expertise that they are not using, and they want to use that.