The men of the hour

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 9, 2006

“Sit back relax and put on your head gear,” his voice shouted out, “we’re going to take you on a ride through the atmosphere.”

Usually on Fridays students are exhausted and anxiously awaiting the weekend as they count down the seconds to the end of the day.

But this past Friday, Demopolis Middle School students couldn’t get enough of the hilarious entertainment provided by their peers in the school’s first-ever Mr. DMS pageant, hosted by their very own coach Rellie McCall.

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“Several years ago, we started having the Miss DMS pageant, so for Schoolfest we said let’s try Mr. DMS,” DMS principal Clarence Jackson said.

Stemming from the minds of DMS students Halle Mitchell, Courtney Brame, Tiana Rivas, Erin White and Carly Latham, the pageant was a great success as students spilled from the gymnasium bleachers to the basketball court floor in front of the stage – even with some technical difficulties and a few delays.

“This year was kind of touch and go because it was the first time, but just like with the Miss DMS pageant, it will get better every year,” Jackson said. “Next year it’ll be even bigger.”

But participants Taylor Fleming, Charlie Hall, Drew Kratzer, Johnathan Large, Chris Omar, Colby Pearson, Tyler Smith and Hunter Wells, were sure to set the bar high for next year’s contestants during the entertainment round.

After viewing comedic performances, a re-enactment of the infamous dance scene from “Napoleon Dynamite,” a skit about riding bikes to save gas, and a rendition of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect,” judges including teachers Arleatha Perry and Lil Emory, selected the final three.

Kratzer, Omar, and Hall were in the running to hold the title as the first ever Mr. DMS.

Eighth grader Drew Kratzer used the cute factor to be named second alternate when he brought a baby girl on to the stage.

“It feels great and it’s an honor,” Kratzer said. “I didn’t think it was anyway I could do it, but this is a blessing.”

Omar, also a quiet eight grader off stage, used his voice, large afro and backup dancers to gain a little “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” as first alternate.

But it was Hall’s comedic routine, small dog named Matt, and neon red suit that made him go home as Mr. DHS.

“At first I though it would be kind of cool, but it was a lot of fun,” Hall said. “I really want to thank Coach McCall because he put a lot of work into this.”