Candidates react to results

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 8, 2006

Marengo County has 14,405 registered voters, and 7,401 votes were received for the primary election on Tuesday, according to reports from the county probate office. Of the 7,401 votes that were received in Marengo County, 6,808 were Democratic ballots and 593 were Republican ballots.

Marengo County residents will go to the polls again on July 18, to determine which candidate will win the run-off between John Crawford Jr. and Charles Moore.

“I would like to thank the people that voted for me, and I hope they will get out and vote again,” Moore said. “I am proud to be in the run-off.”

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Moore’s run-off opponent, John Crawford, also extended his thanks.

“I want to thank all the voters that came out to vote, and I hope that everyone comes out again on July 18,” Crawford said. “I am going to try my best to see as many people as I can in the next six weeks.”

County commission candidate Freddie Armstead from district one, won with 778 votes. “I would really like to thank my supporters, because without them this wouldn’t be possible,” Armstead said. “I also thank my opponents for running a fair and clean race. I am going do everything I can to make this county be the best that it can be.”

Although A.J. McCampbell and Christopher Spencer are in a run-off for all of district 71, McCampbell took the lead in Marengo County by a great margin, with 2,333 votes.

“I am truly thankful for the votes, and am excited that they have this much confidence in me,” Spencer said. “We all need to work together, so we can move this district forward.”

Primary election results for the Marengo County Democratic Executive Committee include the following. Candidate Eddie W. Ayers running for district 71 received 691 votes, and was defeated by candidate Thomas O. Moore, who received 2,278 votes.District 68 candidate Charlie McCorvey Sr. received 365 votes, and candidate Neolin Craig Sr came in closely behind his opponent with 326 votes. For district 72, Sherman Norfleet received 517 votes and his opponent, Phillip White, won for the district with 849 votes. Velma A. Jones, candidate running for district 3, place number 1, lost the primary election to opponent Martha McKnight, who had won 817 votes. For district one, place number one, candidate Willard Williams received 284 votes, and lost to his opponent Fred Armstead, who received 844 votes. Candidate Clarence Agee won for district three, place number one, by receiving 752 votes. Clarence’s opponent, Barry Brackin received 604 votes.