My thoughts…In no particular order

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 28, 2006

So, you’ve probably already noticed that the paper is a lot thicker than usual.

That’s because today’s newspaper is our progress section and it’s full of randomness that marks big events across the region.

Today, as to not disturb the flow – or lack there of- in the Saturday, July 29, edition of The Times, I will write about all the random thoughts which have been floating around in my head lately.

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When I went to get my nails done this past week, my manicurist and I were talking about things – just life in general.

It was all a happy conversation until she mentioned that someone, a customer, had taken her cellular phone right out of the shop.

Now, here she is dealing with angry customers, dirty fingers and crusty toes all day, and someone decided to make her day that much worse by stealing her cellular phone.

It makes me sick to know that people are out there who don’t seem to realize that if it’s not yours, you shouldn’t put it in your pocket, purse or under your shirt.

I mean, my mom taught me that lesson a long time ago, and I am sure that many of yours have done the same. But some how, some way, a few mothers forgot to add that little piece of morals into their teaching itineraries.

Or maybe they did, and their children just grew up to be disrespectful, ill-mannered kleptomaniacs anyway.

While thinking about his incident, I can’t help but think about when someone broke into my 1998 Prot/g/ about two three years ago and stole approximately 600 CDs from under my car seat.

I kept my car clean, but in the midst of big SUVs, shiny Cadillacs, expensive rims, car televisions and everything else that screamed “THERE’S SOMETHING IN HERE!” how could someone possibly decide to break into my dull little vehicle.

If there are any thieves reading my column – just put the newspaper down now. I don’t want to know you, don’t want to meet you and I don’t want anything I have, or have written, to touch your grimy hands.

Sorry, I am still a little, well a lot, bitter about the CDs I’d been collecting my entire life magically disappearing.

Anyway, on to a better note. The other day I was a bit famished. I had recently tried some of Heather’s chicken salad from Napoleon’s, and although I didn’t think I would like it, I did. I had a sudden taste for it and needed just that to satisfy my hunger.

A few minutes before two I rushed out of my office and headed downtown.

I almost banged my head against the door when I found out they were closed. At that moment I was thinking of ways to make my own chicken salad as I marched into Pamper Me Perfect. I was in the middle of a conversation and getting ready to leave when Ray walked by. He was headed into the restaurant.

He didn’t have to, but he fixed me some chicken salad to go. I guess it was the look of desperation on my face and he felt horribly bad for me. I can only guess that nothing remotely similar to that would’ve happened in my hometown. I guess that’s one of the perks of being in a small town where people are nicer – and always happy for some reason.

Hmmmm what else do I need to talk about? Oh yeah, how could I forget. Evan’s back. I don’t even know the young man, but my spirits have just been lifted since I saw him come back yesterday.

I was so happy for his family, his friends and most of all, his girlfriend. They were so cute as they hopped out of the minivan together. I could only imagine what she was going through, knowing her boyfriend was facing such a situation. Not that his family didn’t feel worse, but she and Evan are both so young. However, they seemed to handle it well.

I myself, may have fallen apart, or moved to Pittsburgh.

However, everything is good now and they are back in their home, together.

Speaking of home, I will be going home to spend some time with my family soon. My mom is turning – oooooh maybe I shouldn’t say- and I want to celebrate it with her.

Anyone want to donate to the Driena goes home fund? Just kidding. Unless you want to.

Funds. It’s so great how the town is pulling together to help the 13-year-olds travel to the regional competition.

Almost makes me want to stay in a small town for the rest of my life, on second thought, maybe not.

Anywho, I guess that’s all of my random thoughts this week. Could it have been a tad more random and ADD-like?

See yall around town and I hope you enjoy the progress edition. Only Lord knows how much we have!