City needs new ambulance, now

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The city of Livingston received big news Monday for its sidewalk project on U.S. Highway 11 and Willow Street.

The city received a letter announcing the approval of their application for a Federal Transportation Enhancement grant. The grant amount is $140,674.07. Livingston Mayor Tom Tartt said the money would go a long way toward helping them speed the project along.

“Hopefully, we can begin that project in the year 2007,” Tartt said. “We have been approved by the state and hopefully we can get started.”

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The news was not as good when discussing emergency response vehicles. Rescue vehicle 11, which is the city’s No. 2 ambulance, was no longer safe, Tartt said.

“It has for all intents and purposes, bitten the dust,” Tartt said. “We have worked on it and worked on it and in the last six months it has given us problems.”

Fire Chief Terry Peeler recommended they keep the vehicle off the road, because it could catch on fire and create a hazardous situation.

Taking Rescue 11 out of service and declaring it surplus property meant they had to look for a replacement. Peeler said they were looking at a box-style vehicle and a van.

The city will get help in purchasing a new ambulance from the police department. The department, which budgeted a new patrol car for this year, said they could wait until 2007 to help cover the cost of a new ambulance. The EMS Council also offered to give $10,000 to help.

To speed the process along, the council declared this an emergency situation which avoids the normal bid process and will allow the city to get a replacement ready as soon as possible.