TIME OUT: It’s a winning football season for area

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Football is alive and well in the area. The high school football teams plus one college team in our coverage area have faired well this season. Of the 11 schools we have covered this season including the University of West Alabama, they have a combined win and loss record of 73 wins and 46 losses. That’s a win percentage of .613, which is pretty good in any conference. Of course, some of our schools played against each other.

The result is the making of some exciting football in the area. Though I personally didn’t attend all of the games, the support I saw was very positive. As parents, we want the best for our children and that may include having our child be a part of a successful football program. As fans, we have our favorite team that we support and rally for.

The competition in the area has been good for everyone in my opinion. I found that most people know someone on the other team, whether it’s a player, a parent, or some one on the coaching staff.

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It is my hope that you would continue to support amateur sports. It matters even if you have a child attending a school. Most sports programs, high schools in particularly, do not have enough funding from the school system to put together adequate programs. There is a school near you that needs your financial support.

Seven of the 11 schools we covered made it to the playoffs. Four advanced past the first round. The A.L. Johnson Eagles of Thomaston went as far as the second round, while Newbern’s Sunshine Tigers got to the quarterfinals for the first time. The Southern Academy Cougars out of Greensboro claimed their third straight AISA championship. They won it in the two previous years in 1A. This season they claimed the 2A title. The Sweet Water Bulldogs captured its sixth 1A title this season and their third in two years.

The other schools that reached the playoffs this season were the Demopolis Tigers, Linden’s Marengo Academy Longhorns, and the Marengo Panthers of Dixons Mills.

I’m not sure how the funding works for the schools that make it into the playoffs, but I have to imagine there is some kind of help the school or the school system they belong to gets as they advance.

Here’s another exciting note about this past season. Of the 119 games that were played by all of the 11 teams, they scored an average of 30.5 points a game. That’s worth the price of admission to any game, don’t you think? Collectively a football game that puts 30 points or more on the board is an exciting game to watch.

We have been able to cover 11 out of the 19 schools in the area. As we progress it is our goal for more schools in the area to get some coverage.

Continue to support your local school. See you at the basketball game.