Citizens react to indictment

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 9, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &045; Upon hearing of the two grand jury indictments returned against Mayor Cecil Williams, residents were shocked and bewildered at the events and their repercussions.

The majority of response indicated a feeling that the indictments against Williamson would stain the image of Demopolis. Though residents were reluctant to condemn or refute the allegations against Williamson, many felt the entire series of events leading to the indictments would set back the progress of Demopolis.

Shanequa Aldridge, a student, said if it is found that Williamson did steal healthcare it would be a grievous mishandling of her responsibilities. She said a mayor should be helping the members of the community rather than helping themselves to free healthcare.

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Harris said prior to the indictments he thought Demopolis was moving in the right direction in relation to growth and development. He said the events surrounding Williamson could cause the city to take a step in the wrong direction. He said though he hopes it won’t set back the town’s progress, it could hurt the credibility of Demopolis.

As a former Shelby County Commissioner, Howard Foster said there could be more to the situation than what is known. He said a lot of the situation the town faces depends on whether or not Williamson is cleared of the charges.

Foster said it could be that the blame doesn’t fall entirely on the shoulders of Williamson. He said there most likely should have been someone advising her and checking the legality of her actions.