Working on a healthy heart

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 16, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &045; Hectic schedules that limit a person’s free time are a major reason that individuals don’t workout as regularly as they should. To help remedy the time constraint issue that bars people from the workouts that contribute to health, Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital held a Lunch and Learn luncheon, which outlined a 30-minute total body workout.

The luncheon theme was chosen to highlight the facilities observance of February as American Heart Month. Aimed at the workout needs of women, the event was presented by the hospital’s Wellness Center Director Betsy Adams.

Adams said music is good to ease the tedium of workouts and she said studies have shown people burn more calories during exercise when they listen to music. She said working out with a friend also makes the experience more enjoyable and it has the added benefit of keeping both people motivated.

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Adams brought some basic equipment, free weights and an exercise ball, with her to demonstrate some simple exercises. She said by putting together several exercises with cardio between them a person cold achieve good results.

Adams stressed that individuals should check with their doctors prior to starting working out and make sure they were healthy enough to sustain the exercise regiment. She also said the body needs rest along with exercise to reach its peak.

Adams demonstrated exercises focusing on the legs, chest, back, shoulders, arms and abdominal muscles. She recommended individuals do eight to ten exercises focusing on different body parts with one minute of cardio between. She said if a person does this twice in one workout they would get a total workout and only spend 30 minutes doing so.

Adams recommended working out two to three days a week and walking during the days between. She said if an individual sticks to the regiment they will be healthier and it would benefit the heart.

Lunch and Learn is an every-other month program designed as a series of one-hour lunch meetings, during which participants are presented with and discuss various heath issues facing woman by experts in the field.