Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 16, 2007

We are proud to partner with the Marengo County Historical Society in honor of Historical Preservation Month.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation commemorates the third annual National Preservation Month in May 2007. And while the theme of this year&8217;s National Preservation Month &8212; Making Preservation Work &8212; is new, the idea behind preservation month remains the same; celebrating the country&8217;s diverse and irreplaceable heritage by participating in local events throughout the nation.

Throughout May, the National Trust and its thousands of partners across the country will demonstrate the importance of the nation&8217;s heritage as they focus on many aspects of the preservation movement including historic travel, heritage education, historic homeownership and community revitalization.

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In efforts to promote the special month and the historical society for their ongoing effort to preserve and maintain the historical ambience of the city, we are teaming up with the county society to host a scavenger hunt. The hunt includes photos from historical sites from around the city, some obvious and some not so obvious.

The hunt will also offer residents the chance to take a closer look at the downtown historical essence of the City of Demopolis.

The hunt includes prize packages and it is our hope that the community will eagerly take part in this hunt and learn more about their past. Not only will the hunt be a learning tool, but we also hope it will give Demopolites the opportunity to explore the beauty of the City of People.

Events will be held throughout May in honor of historical preservation month. It is our hope that the community participates in these activities and supports preservation efforts that have maintained the historical past of Demopolis.