New school, new coach, big goals

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 15, 2007

DEMOPOLIS &8212; After the transfer of leadership of West Alabama Preparatory School to Fairhaven Baptist Church, the new institution, now named West Alabama Christian School, faces a transition period as incoming administrators regroup and plan for the upcoming school year.

The school&8217;s sports are no less influenced by the transfer of power and plans for the upcoming football season are dependent on an upcoming meeting to find athletes interested in the program. The institution&8217;s new assistant principal and head football coach, Mark Farmer, will lead the session to feel out community interest in joining the WAC team next year.

Farmer said the meeting, which will be held in the school cafeteria, is open to all athletes and parents from the area, those that have had previous dealings with the school and those at other schools interested in joining the fledgling program.

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The results of the meeting and the interest the school receives for its program will have a large influence on which direction the program goes next year in almost every facet. From the league the group will play in to the offensive and defensive schemes, Farmer said the turnout and caliber of players will be determining factor in almost every decision of the program.

The resume

Farmer will step into his first role as head coach after compiling quite a resume as an assistant coach and coordinator at a North Alabama High School.

While he was at the school, which is located in Stevenson, Farmer said the group had a strong program, and in 1993 the school won the 4A state championship. He said he has coached and been around a range of offensive and defensive schemes, which will allow him to adjust the WAC program to the needs and skills of the players that come on board.

Farmer said, though, he hopes to get the program where it will compete on the state level soon. He said it just depends on the interest of athletes in the program and its success.