Scott strives to be role model

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Demopolis Times

It&8217;s hard to go anywhere in the city of Demopolis without meeting or knowing someone with the last name Scott. But just because you know one Scott doesn&8217;t mean you know all the Scotts.

There are at least three sets of Scotts in Demopolis. However, by far the best known of the Scotts are those of Larkin&Scott Funeral Home. From this group there is only one Christalle &8220;Chrissy&8221; Scott. Scott, a recent graduate from the University of West Alabama and alumni of Demopolis High School, recently sat down with me to talk about college and being a role model.

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Standing only five feet tall, Scott is not short on character by any means.

She goes on to say she has a female cousin who doesn&8217;t live in Alabama, but who looks up to her.

&8220;My cousin is three years younger then me. One day recently she wrote to me and said that she looked up to me and I feel proud to be someone she admires.&8221;

She also says she wants to able to show her cousin that even though life may not always go the way you plan or the way you want it to, if you trust in God, everything will work itSelf out.

When asked why she thinks her cousin feels this way her reply was, &8220;The fact that I did finish college in four years. I didn&8217;t go crazy when I got out on my own.&8221;

In Scott&8217;s view, &8220;college makes you who you will be.&8221; It sounds odd until she explains. Scott sees college as a test for young people.

Scott, who graduated on May 3 with a bachelor&8217;s degree in English with a minor in History, is planning to go to law school or gradate school. Whatever this Scott chooses to go into it&8217;s easy to say she will be a trendsetter wherever she ends up.

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