A lesson for everyone

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 27, 2008

DEMOPOLIS &8212; In the deep South vacation bible school is as much a rite of summer as baseball, sweltering temperatures and long days spent on the river. Nearly every evangelical congregation hosts its own version of the time-honored tradition, drawing in community youth and making contact with their families in the process.

The consensus seems to be that inasmuch as the child-oriented programs serve as evangelism tools, they primarily work to keep congregations in touch with the community at-large.

While the events are generally successful at allowing congregations to minister to the needs of children and, often, the communities in which they live, vacation Bible schools also have a tendency to minister to church members as well.

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The very nature of the events, often multi-faceted productions, calls for a slew of contributions that are atypical to the normal church setting. Such areas of need call for the utilization of talents that otherwise go untapped in most cases.

From performing with puppets to playing games to serving refreshments to aiding with arts and crafts, the weeklong programs provide many a chance to work in a way they may not otherwise find.

However, the primary focus of the programs remains the enrichment of young lives, an intent organizers take very seriously.

Gallion Baptist and the Canal Heights congregation each wrapped up their 2008 vacation Bible school programs Friday with both Davis and Paschall reporting satisfactory results from their respective events.

Fluker and his brother Gregory Walker have attended three vacation bible schools thus far this summer.