Moore speaks to quarterback club

Published 9:58 pm Wednesday, August 6, 2008

DEMOPOLIS — The next big event for the local quarterback club will take place tonight when University of Alabama athletic director Mal Moore will address the group at the civic center as part of the 2008 membership drive.

The event, expected to provide a boost to both the group’s ranks and funds, comes with minimal effort on the part of the club.

“Just signs and getting the word out,” Kenny Freeman, quarterback club president, said of the organization’s responsibilities in preparation for the occasion. “Tracy Stine has been working real hard putting fliers up in stores and stuff.”

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Freeman understands the significant role the engagement could play, as the club heads into what will be only its second year.

“It’s huge. You take the rodeo for instance,” Freeman said. “We worked and worked and worked on that, as well as the draw down. For this, Coach Moore is gracious enough to come down and do this.”

The event came to fruition through an existing relationship Moore shares with Freeman. The tandem shares a common love of turkey hunting.

Since news of the event broke a few weeks ago, Freeman said the club has already seen a sizable number of families sign up for their 2008 membership.

“We’ve had a lot of folks come by and go ahead and sign up,” Freeman, who hopes the club will boast even more than the 100 families it included during its first year, said. “If we could just increase the membership by 25, that would be great.”

The event will admit individuals for the $25 cost of an annual quarterback club membership. For an additional $5, family members will be admitted with quarterback club constituents.

While the event is designed to bolster the club’s enrollment, Freeman said the group welcomes individuals from other communities.

“If you’re in Sweet Water, Linden, where ever, we’d love for you to come. We don’t necessarily expect you to join our club, but we’d love for you to come,” Freeman said. “You don’t have to be a member of the quarterback club if your child goes to another school. If you’d like to hear him speak, we’d love for you to come.”

Freeman said individuals not desiring a membership will be admitted for the same cost as those seeking inclusion in the Demopolis Quarterback Club. The event is scheduled to kick off at 7 p.m.

The club’s next planned event will be Saturday, Aug. 16 when it meets for a clean-up day at Memorial Stadium.