Rolling out the red carpet

Published 2:49 pm Monday, August 11, 2008

The staff at the Demopolis Times was saddened a month ago when Kelli Wright announced her intent to relocate to Tuscaloosa.

We couldn’t fault her as this was the best thing for her husband’s job. Still, the fact that we lost a valued friend and exceptional reporter remained.

Over the course of the several weeks that followed, the newsroom of the Times resolved itself to search for a new reporter – a reporter that would become as valuable as Kelli was to the newspaper and the community; A reporter that would leave no stone left unturned, and a reporter that understood how valuable a good newspaper is to the community.

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I think we’ve found just that in David Snow. It’s rare that an opportunity presents itself to help someone return home, especially in the newspaper business.

Not everyone’s hometown has a newspaper. Turnover at hometown newspapers is usually low, making a homecoming even more difficult.

In David’s first day yesterday, he was greeted by as many as three walk-in customers before most people finished their first cup of coffee.

Demopolis is certainly a welcoming city, especially when they’re welcoming back a native son.

I’m pleased to share the newsroom with David. He quickly acclimated himself to our environment and he was well received by his new co-workers.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with him and look forward to him helping us take your newspaper to new heights.