Sheriff candidate angry over rumors

Published 8:42 am Friday, January 8, 2010

Pine Hill Police Chief John Brown is fighting what he calls a “smear campaign” to derail his run for Marengo County Sheriff and he’s reaching into his wallet to get answers.

Brown refuted rumors that he and the Pine Hill Postmaster were arrested for holding, returning or seizing U.S. Treasury checks.

“This is a complete and false accusation,” he said. “We never held, returned or seized any mail or checks and had no authority or reason to, and certainly (were) never arrested for any crime or any reason.”

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Brown, who has announced his intent to seek the office of Sheriff upon Jessie Langley’s retirement following this term, said he wasn’t going to let the person who launched the rumor get away with it.

“I believe that some people are using this lie to try and hurt me in my run for Sheriff of Marengo County – or hurt my reputation – but I will not set still or stand for it,” he said. “I am personally offering a $1,000 cash reward for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons that started this vicious rumor and for anyone that continues to spread these false accusations.”

Once found liable, the person could be charged with Defamation under the Alabama Criminal Code 13A-11-163.

Those with information deemed helpful to Brown are asked to call 334-963-9640, 334-963-4351, or stop by the office, located at 50 Dunn Street, Pine Hill.

“My department has and always will assist outside agencies in investigating crimes against the government and individuals involved in criminal activities,” he said.