Reese: Arrest rumors not true

Published 5:23 pm Friday, October 15, 2010

Demopolis Police Chief Tommie Reese addressed rumors Friday that have circulated all week about the arrest of some of his officers.

For much of the past seven days, word has spread across town that some of Reese’s officers were arrested at various cities, mostly on drug charges.

“It’s simply not true,” Reese said noting all of his officers were accounted for. “Things like this come up from time to time. You arrest someone and they go back and start some rumor with their friends and family.

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“They tell their friends, then they tell their friends and it’s out of control.”

Reese said he had investigated the matter but quickly determined there was nothing to the issue, adding that he needed to address the rumors to clear the air.

“We, as a department, have a lot to do,” he said. “There’s nothing to hide. We need to get this off the table, get past it, and get back to work.”