DPD deserves credit for good results

Published 6:54 pm Friday, February 11, 2011

The Demopolis Police Department should be commended for their work in making the city safer in 2010.

That the number of calls increased, but “major” crime activity decreased is telling of their efforts.

The number of drug arrests went up, which is a good thing believe it or not.

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That number could be higher. The higher that number, the better. The police can’t stop people from trying to sell narcotics. They can, however, prevent them from selling them successfully.

Chief of Police Tommie Reese, has celebrated his second year on the job this week, and his department deserve a lot of the credit for sending the message that they will be proactive in keeping crime off our streets. That is a never-ending battle but it is a battle in a war where our police department appears to have gained the upper hand.