Published 12:13 am Saturday, April 9, 2011

What is the better short track ticket – Martinsville or Bristol?

Ken Mays: I like Bristol as a fan because of its layout of the stands. It almost like being at a football game and the finishes always seem to be good there.

Jason Cannon: Bristol. It’s hard to beat the tradition there and the Bristol night race is about my favorite race of the year.

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Mark Trest: I have been to Bristol. There is nothing like it. Imagine a punch bowl full of cars going round and round. ‘Dega cant even match it. I just cant imagine Martinsville exciting me in a similar fashion.

Now eighth in points, will Dale Earnhardt Junior make the Chase?

Ken Mays: I feel sure he will this year. He is on the right track to do so and if he can hang in there like he has so far he has a great chance and the Dale Jr nation will rise again.

Jason Cannon: I think so. He looks like he’s getting on track. His biggest knock has always been that he’s inconsistent. He seems to have smoothed that out but he’s still got a long way to go.

Mark Trest: If Junior continues the consistent runs, yes, he can make the Chase. If he reverts back to the last couple of seasons type finishes, he will not make the Chase. Consistency is the key in points racing.

Between Junior, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch, whose driving style more closely resembles Dale Earnhardt Sr.?

Ken Mays: No doubt and I have said it many many time that Kyle looks like a reincarnation of Dale Sr. he has that way of knowing where to go and how to get into the right place at the right time and he has earn and demanded the respect of the other drivers.

Jason Cannon: Harvick. Junior isn’t aggressive enough and Kyle Busch is too aggressive. Even when Dale Senior was pushing someone out of his was, he always had a finesse and style about it. Harvick is a lot like that.

Mark Trest: I have always thought Harvick was more Earnhardt’s style of driver. Remember, thats why he was tapped to replace Earnhardt to begin with, only he had to be brought up sooner than expected with Earnhardts untimely death. Harvick loves to pull up on the rear bumper of the competition, give a nudge, and then he’s past them. Sounds a lot like Earnhardt.

Kevin Harvick took home the Martinsville clock last Sunday. What the coolest non-traditional

trophy in NASCAR?

Ken Mays: The mounted Bear at Atlanta that was sponsored by Bass Pro that Tony Stewart kind of overbearing a few years ago. Nobody but Smoke could like a trophy like that,

Jason Cannon: The guns from Texas are hard to beat. They’re original and I bet they look cool in the case at the shop.

Mark Trest: I’ve always thought the Shotgun at Texas is pretty cool, but the Grandfather Clock from Martinsville is the best of all, no doubt about it.

Who is your pick to win this weekend?

Ken Mays: I am going on a limb and going with Joey Lagono. He needs to bring that good looking 20 car back to victory lane again. I have missed seeing it sitting there next to the beautiful Sprint Cup girls.

Jason Cannon: I like Carl Edwards. He’s off to a pretty fast start this year and he’s a three-time winner in Texas.

Mark Trest: Harvick is hot right now, and its hard to bet against him. The 29 car seems to have everything going its way, even when faced with adversity. They are looking a lot like the 48 team that always makes the best of a so so day.