New businesses could be good

Published 7:29 pm Friday, May 20, 2011

Demopolis has a pair of interesting opportunities on the horizon with two companies looking to set up shop in the City of the People.

One is a fertilizer plant that uses catfish remains as the basis of its product. The other is an organic fuel company that also utilizes catfish in its process.

While both are interesting simply because of the ingenuity of their concepts and the fact that they are looking at making Demopolis home, the appeal is even greater for one simple reason.

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West Alabama is, has been and likely will long be an agricultural area. Catfish ponds are common in communities near Demopolis, making these two facilities a perfect fit for the city. Furthermore, the arrival and success of such ventures in Demopolis could provide a boost to agriculture too. It is not every day one venture will feed both agriculture and industry.