Alabama panel: Tennessee week

Published 12:42 am Saturday, October 22, 2011

What impressed you most during the blowout of Ole Miss?

Jimmy McCrory: The effort from the entire team in all phases of the game. Bama is playing with hunger and the “I won’t be denied” attitude. This is what it takes to win championships.

Jay Reynolds: I was impressed with the ease with which we were able to run the ball. Our offensive line dominated the line of scrimmage, which allowed all of our backs to get to the second level. Once they reached the linebackers, they made some good moves to avoid tacklers and had some big runs.

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Roger Hoggle: Not a whole lot. I guess just the difference in physical ability from the two squads, and the Tide’s continued focus on the task at hand.

We’re a little over halfway through the season now. At this point, which newcomer do you feel has contributed the most?

Jimmy McCrory: A.J. MCCarron has stepped into the starting role at QB and done an outstanding job. He has made few mistakes and has taken care of the football. He is very comfortable in the pocket. He has the ability to pull the trigger very fast and gets the ball out quickly, avoiding sacks.

Jay Reynolds: I would say probably DeAndrew White. He has become a real threat in the passing game in the last few weeks. He has the size and speed to really do some damage once he gets the ball in his hands.

Roger Hoggle: DeAndrew White has filled the role of “prime receiver other than Maze.” This hinders opposing defenses from keying on Maze and the tight ends.

Trent Richardson turned in one of the more memorable highlights in recent Crimson Tide history last week with his okey-doke of an Ole Miss DB. What is the most memorable Crimson Tide play for you? Why?

Jimmy McCrory: The 1985 Iron Bowl kick with time expiring would have to be the one that sticks out the most to me. “It’s good! It’s good! It’s good,” will always be remembered by the Tide faithful.

Jay Reynolds: There are so many to choose from, but since we are playing Tennessee this week, I would say “Maximum Block” The 2009 block of a Tennessee field goal by Terrence Cody to preserve a 12-10 victory.

Roger Hoggle: Too many to pick one!  David Palmer was a human highlight reel. I would say Teague’s strip of Lamar Thomas (The greatest play that never counted) or Rocky Block.

Who do you think will be the key player on the offensive side of the ball this week? What about defensive?

Jimmy McCrory: Another dose of Trent Richardson on offense. He is the hottest running back in the country. Courtney Upshaw on defense. Tennessee will try to run more with starting quarterback Tyler Bray on the shelf. Upshaw is excellent on run coverage.

Jay Reynolds: Offensively, A.J. McCarron will be key. He will have to throw the ball effectively as, I am sure, Tennessee will load the box to try and stop our running game. Defensively, Nico Johnson will be the key as we will force them to throw the ball and Nico is as good as any linebacker in the nation in pass coverage.

Roger Hoggle: Trent Richardson will continue to dominate the running game.  The Linebacking corps will have to step up and stop the running game.  Tennessee ran the ball well in the first half against LSU.

What is your prediction for the final score?

Jimmy McCrory: Alabama 45, Tennessee 10

Jay Reynolds:  34-10 Alabama

Roger Hoggle: 45-6 Alabama