Voters to consider twelve amendments for election

Published 4:45 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Statewide Amendment 8 – This proposal seeks to provide legislators with a salary equivalent to the median household income in Alabama, as determined annually by the State Personnel Board. The U.S. Census Bureau produces median household income data for each state that could be used in making the determination.

The procedures for legislative expenses would also be changed. Expenses would be paid in the same amounts and manner as allowed under law for state employees generally, including a requirement that legislators submit signed vouchers for their expense reimbursements. The presiding officer of each House of the Legislature would be responsible for approving expenses based on a determination that they are in the service of the state.

It would also prohibit the Legislature from increasing or supplementing theses provisions for compensation and expense reimbursement. Its terms would take effect for officials elected in the 2014 General Election.

Statewide Amendment 9 – This proposal contains recommendations from the Constitutional Revision Commission related to Article XII. The existing Article XII includes 18 Sections on Private Corporations. The revised version would eliminate 10 of these, which have become obsolete. Four Sections would remain unchanged, relating to eminent domain, the definition of a corporation, the state’s power to revoke corporate charters and railroads.

The remaining four Sections would be amended or consolidated. They would:

•Continue the Legislature’s authority to pass general laws pertaining to business entities, and recognize the authority to legislate concerning non-corporate business entities.

•Continue the Legislature’s authority to levy a business privilege tax.

•Preserve existing language giving corporations the right to sue, and subjecting them to being sued, in court.

•Preserve the basic principle of limited shareholder liability.