Marengo Theater closes doors

Published 11:49 pm Monday, April 15, 2013

After years of serving Marengo County, the Marengo Theater has closed as of Monday, April 15.

Marengo Theater managers Lisha Montelongo and her husband Luis were notified around 6 p.m. Monday that those that enjoyed the theater’s showings of Oz the Great and Powerful and Warm Bodies last weekend were the last movies they would show.

“The theater was struggling for different reasons,” Lisha said. “During football season, it was hard to get people in there, but we were slowly getting people back.”

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The sudden news came when Lisha and her husband went to put the new sign up promoting this week’s movies, The Call and Identity Theft.

“We had two good movies coming in and a party coming in after prom,” she said. “We had to cancel everything.”

The theater is owned by Erik Lessman, who lives in Montgomery.

Lisha said she wanted to thank all the customers for their support of the theater.

“I would like to thank Jason Marlowe, the projectionist, who has been there many years. I also want to say thank you to all our helpers in the last six months that we have managed the theater,” she said.