Commissioners argue over redistricting

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Members of the Marengo County Commission continued to discuss the process of approving a new redistricting plan for the county at Tuesday’s regular commission meeting.

The commission in a three-two vote December 4 approved one of two plans that Commission Chairman Ken Tucker had brought to the council at the November 13 meeting.

At the December 4 special meeting, Tucker said only the two plans he had proposed could be voted on because they were the only plans that had been advertised to the public.

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Commissioners George Baldwin and Max Joiner again complained in Tuesday’s meeting that they had voted for the process to begin, but they didn’t vote to only consider the first two plans proposed.

Two other plans were brought to the December 4 meeting, but Tucker, and Commissioners Charles Moore and Freddie Armstead voted for one of Tucker’s proposals, with Joiner and Baldwin voting against.

Residents from the southern part of the county attended Tuesday’s meeting to oppose the redistricting plan that had been adopted, and expressed they view that their portion of the county were not being served.

Resident William Johnson opposed the adopted redistricting plan. The commissioners in such a small county should have been able to get together and come up with a plan they could all agree with.