Demopolis went through Y2K and lived to tell about it

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 10, 2002

After months of preparation and work, the so-called Y2K bug was “squashed.”

We commend those who worked tirelessly to ensure that nothing would go wrong as the city of Demopolis moved quietly into the next millennium.

Whether the “bug” was real or not, we were ready. Our local banks and other industries had worked long and hard to make sure of that.

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We also commend those workers who spent their New Year’s Eve on call just in case there was a problem such as our local utilities, like the power company, the telephone company, the water works board.

Even if the problem was nonexistent, we, as users of the various services around our city, are aware that we are ready. We have faced down the problems and lived to tell the story.

Nice job.