Be careful out there on city streets

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 17, 2002

The recent accident where a child was hit by a car on Pettus Street should remind us to look carefully for children playing, especially as many students are out of school this week.

If the low speed limits throughout the city are not enough to make motorists careful, please realize there are many children and animals at play. They don’t always realize where they are running or they get excited and dart out into the street.

There are also many adults who like to walk for exercise in Demopolis.

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Children are our most important resource, and we don’t want to lose a single member of our community to a tragic accident.

In the hustle and bustle of our modern society, it is easy to get in a hurry to get to work or to an activity and neglect the rights of other motorists or pedestrians.

The Demopolis Police wrote 65 speeding tickets in March compared to 22 in February. Let’s slow it down.

Yes, it is sometimes hard to not speed on Highway 80, but remember, there are students coming to and from the high school. There might be parents and kids coming from Westside on Maria.

There could be a family headed to the SportsPlex for a ball game.

There is a lot of precious cargo out there to consider when you are looking at your watch and trying not to be late.

Don’t leave it up to law enforcement to keep us safe. All our citizens need to help make Demopolis a safer place to live by just slowing the pace a little bit on the road.

Demopolis is a pretty place and life it’s too precious&045; just slow down and take a look at where you’re going.