Days Gone Bye (April 17)

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Awwwww-right! We got us another picture this week, thanks to good ol’ Spickey Chadwick again, and thanks to some help in pointing out the names of one or two Spickey and I couldn’t place by Alyce Hartzell.

This, folks, is a pic taken back in those glorious 50’s of the Linden Music Club. Spickey thought it was the garden club, but those ladies look too dressed up to be fooling around in the dirt.

Now, starting on the bottom row, with the half face, Alyce thought that might be Ann Hill. As good as Ann could play that music, that’s a good guess.

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Right next to there is the mayor’s wife, Tiny B. Kiker Williams, and then pretty Irma Jean Nettles, followed by Alyce Hartzell her own self.

Right there in the middle is Ms. Kate McKinley. Don’t know where Ms. Gertrude Taylor was that day. Ms. Gertrude lived in that big house with Ms. Kate, right where the First Bank is today.

Ms. Getrude tried to teach me singing lessons one time when I was a young ‘un. Didn’t take.

Anyhow, there’s sweet Valda Allen next to Ms. Kate, and then Spickey’s grandma, Alice Brown. Golly Gosh, as folks used to say, it sho is good to see these faces from back in those days.

Going on to that back row we find Bertha Holloway. Looks just like she did alright. A little bit in front of Ms. Bertha stands Billy’s mama, Louise Scott with that big ol’ smile.

The camera caught a solemn moment on the face of Ms. Grace Sutton right behind Ms. Louise, but Mrs. Ola Lowery seemed just as jovial as some of the rest of ’em .

Right there on the end in the white dress is Ms. Hermone Hartzell, Roy’s mama. She was a great friend of my ma and my grandmama. They used to live behind our ol’ wooden Presbyterian church down on the corner from Sunshine Cleaners. Visited there a heap of times with Ma.

Only two of these ladies still gracing Linden Town are Valda and Alyce. Still mighty pretty former Music Club members today.

Look a there at that precious expression on Ms. Kate’s face. She must of been thinking of some of us sweet chullun she taught in Sunday School down at that ol’ Presbyterian Church. That must of been it.

These folks each had a place in my heart and life back in those days, and looking at ’em today does indeed bring music to my eyes.