Candidates speak on needs of area

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 12, 2002

…We don’t have the luxury of waiting four more years (to address the major issues of the area)," he said. "We can’t wait one more term."

…To get jobs and other needed items that keep people &045; the population &045; stabilized is very challenging to me," Black said.

Black, and Moore, currently mayor pro tem of the Demopolis City Council, were featured in a political forum Tuesday evening in the Demopolis Civic Center.

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When Black first ran for the state house, he saw "a great desire on the part of the community to come out of apathy.

…The time that I have served in the legislature have been very interesting, and we’ve been able to do some of the things (for the area) &045; you’re not going to do everything you want.

Moore mentioned his service with the Demopolis City Council, the Demopolis City Board of Education, the Demopolis City Schools Foundation and the Tombigbee Regional Commission because "they have given me experience in city government. They have given me experience in policies and procedures in the educational arena.

They have given me the experience to know that there is additional funding needed for construction and materials for schools."

Black said he wants to see more funding for education so there will not be anymore problems with proration.

Moore said his service in these organizations and political bodies has given him knowledge of what assistance the elderly needs and experience with economic development in the area.

The number one issue according to Moore is adequate annual funding of education. "This funding doesn’t necessarily just include salaries. It also includes providing money for instructional materials, physical plant construction and maintenance, as well as other current expenses.

…It is imperative that public education is a success in educating our children.

Another area of concern to me is economic development and jobs." Education and economic development are tied together, Moore said "…We’ve got to have an educated workforce when that kind of development comes."

Moore said the cities must be prepared when they go out to recruit industries. "I will work to provide infrastructure funding to our cities, counties and towns."

In the area of public safety, "our familes must not only feel safe but be safe in their homes and their communities." Police and sheriff departments in the area must be adequately funded, Moore said.