Investigation into missing drug money continues

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 3, 2002

The investigation into what happened to a portion of seized drug money continues.

Demopolis Public Safety Director Jeff Manuel could give few details July 1 except that there has been progress. He could not give a time frame for the investigation to end.

The City of Demopolis is conducting its own investigation into the matter because no outside agency had yet become involved.

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Manuel said he is learning what happened in the time period between May 11 when the drug money was seized and May 13 when a portion of the money was discovered missing.

Manuel would not close the door on further polygraph tests of city employees.

Polygraph tests were given a few weeks ago to specific city employees in more than one department.

Manuel is the lone city employee investigating the matter. He is now being aided by investigators from an outside agency, "basically to look into what I’ve done and double check things."

Some problems had been discovered throughout the course of the investigation, he said.

Two reports will be released at the end of the investigation: one for the press and a more detailed account for the mayor and city council.