Demopolis residents recall day of attacks

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Mack Fitz-Gerald

Fitz-Gerald was at Disney World in Orlando, Fla. Upon the attacks, an announcement was made that Disney World would close because of the terrorist attacks.

Jean Gray

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Gray’s parents came in and told her about the attacks. She said she couldn’t believe "this was happening to America."

Tommy Criswell

Criswell said he was shocked upon the news. More importantly, he was concerned about one of his cousins who worked near the Pentagon.

Thomas Bell

Around 7:45 a.m., one year ago, Bell said he was at the intersection at Parrs and U.S. Highway 80. He said he had a feeling of disbelief that something like the attacks could happen to America. Now, however, Bell believe America has begun its recovery, both as a nation and in the economy.

Clara Tucker

Tucker was at work at her salon cutting hair when she heard of the attacks on the United States. She said a shocked feeling came over her when the news came.

Bill Meador

Meador was pumping gas at Parrs when he heard the news. He first thought the news was just a plane flying too low. Meador, like many others, soon learned that was not the case.

Bill Baker

When Baker heard the news, he had a feeling of "complete shock" come over him. Baker, who was on his way to work, said he had an empty feeling and that he was helpless because he wanted to do something.

Kenny Freeman

Freeman, who was walking into work when he heard about the attacks, said he was in agony over what happened. He said he immediately questioned how any person could do this to someone else.