Something still seems ‘surreal’ about 9/11

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Danny Watson, the government instructor at Demopolis High School, says what a lot of people think but cant communicate. One year after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the entire event is still "surreal."

No, most people still haven’t learned how to deal with the events of one year ago today. In rural communities like Demopolis, people have a hard time finding an attachment to the events in New York.

But for people like Zack Rice, a senior in Watson’s class, the attachment is much easier. Rice will soon have four siblings in the armed services, and he knows the reality of the often-mentioned "War on Terrorism" is quite far from surreal.

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Chad Lockard, another senior in Watson’s senior class, has a much more theological outlook on the attacks and the impact made on America.

Ever since the attacks, Lockard said he has seen America slip back into patterns of pre-Sept. 11.

As for Rice and Lockard, whether the events of Sept. 11 have changed their lives is still up for debate.

Unlike his siblings, Rice said he doesn’t plan to enter the armed services.

And Lockard said he wants to begin his collegiate career at the University of West Alabama.

Today, at Demopolis High, principal Ronald Roberts said he wants to have as normal a day as possible.

But Roberts, much like Watson, knows students still view the attacks as a national event rather than a local problem.

During the school day, Roberts said he will read a proclamation distributed by CharacterCounts.